Natural | Newspaper Yarn
Natural | Newspaper Yarn

Natural | Newspaper Yarn

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Totally unique newspaper yarn! Crafted using old recycled newspapers that are then wound tightly creating a stiff and strong yarn. This is handcrafted by women artisans in India to support a decent wage and way of life. 

The same artisans who craft this newspaper yarn also make our favorite sari silk and cotton frizz ribbons! 

Common uses: tapestry weaving, crochet, knitting, arts and crafts, handwoven home décor, etc… 

Available by the skein or cake. The difference being that the skein is not ready to be used out of the package. It will either have to be balled or caked up. A cake is all ready to be used! It has a center pull and won’t tangle or roll around while you use it. The cake is also super convenient for storing since they can be stacked.

This yarn is approximately 3.5oz.


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